Emerald Building Caretakers: Janitorial and Cleaning Services in the Greater Toronto Area

Emerald Caretakers Ltd. provides exceptional industrial and commercial office cleaning services in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and other areas in the G.T.A.
Since 1965 we at Emerald have emphasized quality control to maintain a high standard of building maintenance service.
Currently maintaining over 5 million square feet of commercial and industrial office space in the G.T.A., we can meet the janitorial needs of most property managers.

About Emerald Building Caretaker

At Emerald Building Caretakers Ltd. we make it our mission to provide you with a trusted and reliable janitorial service that is guaranteed to satisfy all of your cleaning needs. Our staff is made up of nothing but professionals who are both highly skilled and motivated. Our high standard when it comes to training means that our staff is constantly up to date with the latest developments in the cleaning and caretaking industry. You can rest assured that your cleaning will be done with expertise and maximum efficiency!

We also provide excellent supervision of our work, with quality control staff providing daytime inspections of your workplace. We make sure to document and keep records of these inspections and also monitor work orders and sign offs. While training and supervision are at the heart of what we do, so is communication. We provide constant phone support and are always standing by to talk should you have any questions that need to be answered or concerns that need addressing about our cleaning service. Our office is available to call during regular business hours, so just pick up the phone and give us a call! We also have a paging system that makes us available 24 hours per day, making it very easy to get in touch and get some cleaning done! Lastly, our log book is always available should you rather write your question or concern down. Communication is key at Emerald Building Caretakers Ltd., this is why we constantly talk to key people in your building and make sure to pass on information to the night supervisors.

Something that makes us different is that we offer the use of an air filtration device, meaning that we clean your building’s air as well as everything else. We also offer a number of diverse services in addition to our regular cleaning services. We are environmentally conscious and use eco-friendly cleaning products, and we also avoid cross contamination with the use of our special colour-coded mops.

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Our Services

In addition to janitorial services we provide full building care from snow removal to window cleaning and full restoration including marble and granite polishing and grinding. We have a unique Carpet Cleaning program that utilises the finest chemical extraction techniques.

When we conduct our cleaning services, we clean more than just the floors and carpets, we clean the air. The use of our special air filtration device means cleaner air that is safer to breathe. This process is what helps make us the top caretaking business in the Greater Toronto Area and allows us to bring something unique to each and every one of our clients. Aside from our regular janitorial services, we also offer a number of additional services that help make us the most versatile cleaning company you’re ever likely to hire! Take advantage of services such as upholstery cleaning, floor stripping and refinishing, post-construction cleaning, waste removal and storage, and emergency cleaning in the event of a fire or flood. The dedicated and professional team at Emerald Building Caretakers Ltd. is happy to help you with any of these services and more! It’s time you started finding better building cleaning solutions, so call Emerald Building Caretakers Ltd. today and find out how you can get started doing just that!

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All of our personnel must undergo a classroom training program where they learn about safety, the latest cleaning techniques and our system of supervision.

Under the guidance of our experienced staff they receive hands-on experience in the field

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We use colour-coded mops and washcloths to avoid cross-contamination of restroom and food areas. We use the finest hepa-filter vacuums, and environmentally friendly products.

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Our professional quality control staff provides daytime inspections of your workplace. All inspections are recorded, filed and forwarded to night supervisors, ensuring a complete follow-up.